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Invest Curitiba

Companies that are already established or that are interested in establishing themselves in the capital of Paraná find a strategic partnership in the Curitiba Agency for Development and Innovation S/A. Created to foster economic and technological activity, with a focus on innovation, the institution provides technical, social and economic information about the region to businessmen.

The agency is the sponsor of Invest Curitiba and executes strategic economic development projects and programs conceived by the City Hall.

The institution also promotes events that contribute to the sustainable improvement of the city’s economic activities.

When accessing the Invest website, the entrepreneur discovers, in numbers, why Curitiba is one of the most attractive cities in which to do business. The portal gathers information ranging from incentives available for a company to establish itself in the capital of Paraná, to the profile of the segments with the greatest economic potential. Investors have a wide support network to answer questions and update themselves.


In addition to the Municipal Executive Branch, the Curitiba Agency is also a member of the Federation of Industries of the State of Paraná (Federação das Indústrias do Estado do Paraná – Fiep), Federation of Commerce of the State of Paraná (Federação do Comércio do Estado do Paraná – Fecomércio) and Federation of Commercial and Business Associations (Federação das Associações Comerciais e Empresariais – Faciap).

The organization counts on the collaboration of agencies and entities of the public power and civil society. Its functional structure comprises members of consultative, deliberative and control bodies.

Report Curitiba In Data. 

This document was compiled by the data team of the Curitiba Development Agency. The main objective is to serve as an introduction to some of the most relevant indicators in Curitiba, which involve economic development, quality of labor and technology.